SafeVuu™ - Steering Wheel Phone Mount 12 Piece Display

by Flipo

SafeVuu™ is the ideal phone mount to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Most phone mounts are either too flimsy or too far away to both see and hear, leading to distraction and potential accidents. Designed for truck drivers and other equipment operators, the SafeVuu™ will place a phone in your line of sight, close enough to both see and hear. SafeVuu’s™ patent pending design keeps a phone in a nearby, steady and upright position even as you turn the steering wheel. Prevent accident and tickets by using a SafeVuu.

  • Discourages Texting & Distractions
  • Ideal for Speaker Phone Access
  • Eliminate Tickets for Improper Vehicle Phone Usage
  • Universal Mobile Mount -"BUILT FOR TRUCK DRIVERS"
  • SafeVUU™ is the Easiest 7 Safest Way to View GPS

***Not for use with steering wheels that contain airbags***