Camelion AAA P7 Lithium 4pk


Camelion AAA P7 Lithium 4pk


The Camelion Lithium AAA Battery Pack (4-Pack) is ideal for use with high-tech, high-drain devices, such as digital cameras or security devices.

  • Lithium batteries provide dependable power for high-tech, high-drain devices
  • This batter is good for use with your digital camera or security devices, providing long lasting power
  • Battery works well in extreme temperatures allowing for outdoor devices
  • Battery has a 10-year shelf life with dependability

Technical Data

Int. Frame size to IEC FR03
Frame size AAA
Dimensions (? x L mm) 10,0 x 44,0
Weight (g) 7,7
Electrochemical System Lithium Iron Disulfide
Nominal Capacity 1100mAh to 0,8V

(rated capacity at 350mA

continuous drain)
Nominal Voltage 1,5V
Jacket Plastic